Communicating with Purpose

Issue 15 of VAKKI Publications contains seventeen peer-reviewed articles in Finnish, Swedish, English, and German. The topics take various perspectives to the theme of the XLIII International VAKKI Symposium, Communicating with Purpose, held on 9–10 February 2023.

Responsible Communication

Responsible Communication contains eleven peer-reviewed articles in Finnish, Swedish and English. In these articles, the theme of responsible communication is approached from four different perspectives. First, they address responsible communication taking into account the communication needs of various marginalised groups. Second, they address responsible communication as expert communication that is easy to comprehend. Third, articles in the volume also investigate responsible communication from the perspective of the responsibility of economic activity. Finally, the volume offers theoretical approaches to responsible communication.

Workplace Communication IV

Workplace Communication IV includes nine peer-reviewed research articles in Finnish, Swedish, German, and English. The articles approach workplace communication from three different thematic angles. First, they discuss corporate communication from the points of view of responsibility, transparency, and marketing. Second, they study the development of workplace communication skills in the contexts of both universities and companies. Third, the focus is on the role of experts in the development of training for professional communication.

Workplace Communication III

Workplace communication III includes 20 peer-reviewed research articles in Finnish, Swedish, German, and English. The topics vary from narratives and discourses to language learning, translation, and terminology in different organizational and educational contexts. A common thread is the continuous change of working life in different contexts, which the articles address especially from the perspectives of digitalization, linguistic and cultural diversity, and responsibility.

Workplace Communication II

VAKKI Publications no. 10, titled Workplace Communication II, contains 13 peer-reviewed articles in Finnish and English. The articles are divided into three thematic groups to cover a wide range of workplace communication research: Media, Technology and Philosophy, Organizational Communication, and Communication Skills and Learning.

Workplace Communication

VAKKI Publications no. 9, titled Workplace Communication, contains 17 peer-reviewed articles in English, Finnish, German and Swedish. The articles cover a wide range of workplace communication contexts, professions, methods, modes, educational models and experiments, divided into four thematic groups: Translation and Multilingualism, Linguistics and Communication, Technical Communication, and Culture and Philosophy.


VAKKI Publications no. 8, titled Voices, contains 19 peer-reviewed articles in Finnish, Swedish, English and German. The articles examine the theme of Voices from many different angles of language-related research.


The 34th annual VAKKI Symposium for the University of Vaasa Research Group for Translation, LSP and Multilingualism was held February 13-14, 2014 […]